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ActuallyAmy Songwriting is dedicated to providing children and young people with a workshop to build confidence and teamwork skills, while also developing their expressive and creative skills.

Through a relaxed and fun filled environment, Amy introduces the key points important when writing a song. Then after some funky upbeat warm-ups, the children get into groups to start working on lyrics. Each group comes up to the microphone to record their section.

The end product from the day is a professional CD recording of their song with an instrumental track if they wish to sing live. One the track has been mixed and produced, Amy uploads it to the Apple iTunes store where the children can download their song for free.

These workshops are inspired by Nathan Timothy, her good friend and mentor, now CEO of the Nathan Timothy Foundation - The Songwriting Charity based in London.

All parts and tracks for the songs are input, written and recorded on Logic Pro 9.


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